Peanut Butter Nutella Fudge - 2kg Tub

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Nutella peanut butter fudge are indulgent cubes that combine peanut butter flavoured layers and the taste of nutella to create an immense novelty fudge invention. They are made by The Fudge Factory, a team of confectioners who are the professionals when it comes to making tasty fudge, the old-fashioned way. The large candy cubes are nice and large so you'll get a minimum of two lovely bites per piece. The attention to detail in the selection of flavours in this range are simply amazing and are one of the reasons that these fudges are becoming so popular.

Peanut butter nutella fudge comes in a wholesale tub weighing 2kg.
Product Code: 0480
Manufacturer: Fudge Factory

Availability: In Stock

Fudge Factory


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