About Direct Sweets

Direct Sweets is an online sweet store that was founded in late 2013 after months of development and product selection. We're run by a team of confectionery experts who have a total of well over 200+ years within the industry (that's combined though!). We pride ourselves on offering the best range of wholesale sweets at affordable trade prices. To compliment this, we also have a low cost delivery service in place that is safe, secure and very fast.

We operate from a large candy warehouse that is based in the centre of London. We're only around 5-10 minutes from Canary Wharf, the financial capital of the UK. This means that we have deliveries arriving from all over the country every day due to our superb, convenient location. This enables us to keep fresh stock coming through our doors and normally straight back out again! We also ensure that our sweets are sourced from only the finest manufacturers from within the food sectors. We have great relationships with companies such as Nestle, Haribo, Taveners and many other household names. With our strong buying power, we can offer our range of trade sweets at the lowest prices across the internet.

Direct Sweets will ensure that our range of confectionery expands month on month for centuries to come.

So how was Direct Sweets founded? During a quiet day, 3 friends managed to get onto the topic of Dip Dabs whilst having lunch in a local cafe. They began talking about how they haven't seen them for years and what they used to buy when they visited their local sweet shop as youngsters. A confectionery veteran, Matt (our CEO) was sitting on the table next to them and heard this conservation. After hearing a questions about where they were made, Matt quickly answered and began talking the group through how they were manufactured and packaged.

After the conversation had finished, the idea for Direct Sweets was conceived, How about an online sweet store where people can buy their favourite retro, old fashioned sweets at cheap, affordable prices and have them delivered straight to their front door without ever having to leave the house? This was what Matt decided to do. After many months of development, investment and design, you're now reading this!

As Direct Sweets began, we had just 300 sweets, mainly the most popular ones such as cola bottles and other jelly sweets. This soon began to increase and the total now sits at around 575 unique confectionery products including a range of American sweets that are imported from the USA into the UK to bring you breakfast cereals such as lucky charms and froot loops. This has caused a huge increase of visitors to our sweet store and with more ideas to come, we're looking forward to serving many more customers in the coming years.

If you want us to try and source a nostalgic sweet for you that you can't find anywhere else, please let us know and we'll get our team straight on it!


Thank you for visiting our online sweet shop, we hope you enjoy your stay!

The Direct Sweets Team